EVB1000 ETM registry Access

HI Everyone,
i’m new to this forum, i need technical support on EVB1000. In need to use the ETM registers to evaluate function execution performance. In order to do this i need to modify ETMLAR register. The ETMLAR address is 0xE0041FBO. I try to modify this register with the following instruction *ETMLAR = 0xC5ACCE55 but if i connect the board to the ST-LINK/V2 debbuger I get the register not initialize at all.
How can i modify ETM registers on the board?

Thanks for help,

Hi Niccolò,

All Decawave DW1000 registers are described in depth in the DW1000 User manual.
So you won’t find ETM registeres, like your Lock Access Register, as this is not DW1000 specific. So for processor related registers you should go to the ARM and/or ST support ie. the teh ST / ARM forums. Not the decawave forum.


Hi Leo,
thanks for thefast answer, is possible that DW1000 locks some CPU register? I ask this because i’ve already visit ARM forum and is pretty clear how to access and modify register. I can access the register and read it but i cannot modify it and this is quite strange.

That’s not possible.
Maybe check again with ARM support and find out if you can actually change the register.

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