Eset nod32 problem with Qspice

Today on 10.03.2023, Quspice was updated, but it was completely deleted by Eset, and it is showing low reputation.
Best regards, Ivan

Thanks for the alert. QSPICE is updated almost daily, and once in a while, something in the anti-virus pattern matching algorithms throws a flag.

Same for me today. Unfortunately, the Eset configuration is managed by the company’s IT dept. and I’m unable to create any form of whitelist.


Does Eset flag any specific file? Usually it’s the model DLLs, like AcmeSemi.DLL, that upset the scanners, but I don’t think those have changed lately.

It is also flagging files after the update that have .0 extensions, dll files are automatically deleted.

The acmesemi.dll was the problem last time. Yesterday the QUX.exe was deleted by Eset.


It’s unfortunate that ESET is flagging QUX.exe. Hopefully their algorithms will decide soon that it’s acceptable, but we don’t have a clear path to engage with ESET.

If the model DLLs are being deleted, you may be able to compile them yourselves from the included source code in the distribution. However, it’s possible that the AV program will still flag it as a concern after compiling.