Error Log for operating point

Hi folks,
I was trying to simulate an old circuit from studies just for fun.

Is there a way in QSPICE to have the information about the operating point of a MOSFET like LTSPICE does when you click “CTRL + L” after the .op analysis?

PS - It’s in this type of circuit that I miss the .tf directive for the Transfer function analysis in order to compute directly the input and output resistance (and also the DC gain, why not), with one directive and without any other generators in the circuit. Simple and powerful, like I said in here in the past.

Hi TiT8,

Sadly, we can’t use operating point lists right now. But I’m totally with you - I’d love to use them too.
Operating point lists are incredibly useful for linear circuit design. On the other hand, they may not be as relevant for switching circuit design, so those who are primarily interested in switching circuit simulations might not find them necessary.

I found out that Mike added operating point lists in LTSPICE version 2.03b. | Small signal parameters (e.g. gm gds etc)

I hope that Mike adds these lists to QSPICE sometime soon!"