Error in DWM1001 Firmware API Guide V2.2 (dwm_int_cfg_get, dwm_cfg_tag_set )

Hello. In the API guide, for the command dwm_int_cfg_get, it says that the command should return 4 bytes, but I am getting a response of 7 bytes through the SPI interface.

I set the interrupt configuration to the value 0x01, 0x00 and I am getting the following response when I use the get command: 0x40, 0x01, 0x00, 0x47, 0x02, 0x01, 0x00.

I believe that there is an error in the guide since the output I’m getting is similar to the output from the dwm_stnry_cfg_get command, which first sends the error code then the value.

I found another error in the guide in the dwm_cfg_tag_set command. the examples says that the type should be 0x03 and length 0x04, but these should be 0x05 and 0x02 respectively like in the declaration table.

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you are right. There is an error in the API documentation.
I have reported to the Decawave’s team.

Thanks for your feedback!



I have the same issue with dwm_int_cfg_get and dwm_int_cfg_set. I would like to enable using the data-ready pin for reading downlink user data. I understand there is an error in the API documentation, but since the manual is not yet updated, maybe the correct response format for the _get and request format for the _set can be explained here?

(I now assume the 3 extra bytes in the _get are garbage and the last 2 are formatted as described in the manual, is this correct? And for the _set I simply send the message as described in the manual (4 bytes instead of 7) and it seems to be accepted but is this also correct?)

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Hi Matthijs,

Please see the updated pages for the user manual.
p78-79 DWM1001 Firmware API Guide_dwm_int_cfg_set_get.pdf (201.2 KB)