Equations for built-in models

Will you provide the comprehensive documentation for built-in models?
I mean, if you modified the standard equation, could you please then provide the equations for it?
Or, for example, there is model Level2010 for Qorvo devices, but there is no mention of it in help,
and I’ve only found the parameter list in .lib file in C:\Program Files\QSPICE folder.
The purpose of it - if I want to create model for Qspice, I need to know equations for built-in models.
Thank you in advance, George.

Yes, the plan is to document all everything needed for authoring models without my own input. This might even include the tools that I use for authoring models(if they get to a state fit for public consumption).

Right now, for the Level 2010, the parameters are in the help file. I don’t know how much more there is needed because Qorvo is the only concern I know making SiC cascode devices.

Good evening,
My concern is cascode GaN devices, not the same as SiC cascode of course, but there could be workarounds.
Thank you for the answer.

P.S my bad, I looked in table with MOS levels