EOL Taiyo Yuden CKP20162R2M-T 2.2uH inductor in 1.8V buck supply, alternates?

I am trying to release a DW1000-based design to production.

In this design, the 1.8V TI LM3671MF-1.8 based switched-mode-power-supply (SMPS) includes the Taiyo Yuden CKP20162R2M-T 2.2uH inductor, which my client recalls was specified in the reference design from DecaWave. However, I cannot confirm that, because I cannot find a DW1000-based reference design schematic.

As it turns out, the Taiyo Yuden CKP20162R2M-T is going EOL. It has a very small footprint for 2.2uH, 1.2A and 140mOhm, and I cannot find another similarly-spec’ed inductor, with such a small footprint.

A) Is this part suggested by DecaWave for use in the 1.8V SMPS?
B) If so, can anyone suggest an alternate for this inductor?

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Hi Kevin,

For the DW1000 based product called DWM1001C we use indeed LM3671MF / CKP20162R2M.
For our DWM1004C design XC9258B18CER-G (Torex) and DFE201612E-4R7M (Murata) .
So If you want to stick to TI LM3671MF, I suggest you contact TI .
Hopefully of some help

DWM1001 Schematic.pdf (656.2 KB)

Thank you very much, Leo. I’ll chase that down.