Enquiries about Listener

Hello, officials.

I have a question about using the MDEK1001 kit.
I’ve updated this release 2.
Thank you very much for increasing the number of seats to 30.
But there’s a problem here.
I have installed 3x7(21ea) anchors which ±11 meters on y-coordinates and increase by 7.5 meters.
I put the listener next to the initiator, and not all the anchors were recognized in the listener. Only 16 out of 21 are recognized.

I thought that the anchors had become intersections so far and could observe all the anchors in the listener. But I don’t think that’s true.
If the tag goes near an anchor that is not listed on the anchor list, the position of the tag is not printed out by the listener.

  1. I wonder what to do to see all the anchors in listener.

  2. Isn’t listener communicating with an anchor?

  3. What are the limits of listener? Is it the same as a regular anchor (perception distance or installation method)

  4. I want to know the difference between gateway and listener.

Hi there,

according to your description it is unclear if the installation is a grid of 3x7 or all anchors are installed on a line. Perhaps it would be useful if you could provide a picture.

Please check that:

  1. All nodes (including the listener) are updated to R2.
  2. A typical max. line-of-sight range between 2 nodes would be around 25m to 65 m depends on orientation of the antennas (and considering that the Fresnel zones are avoided). Please check if the listeners are in range with the anchors. If not, than that would be the reason why you don’t see all the anchors.

Regarding your questions:

  1. See comments above. Don’t expect to see all the anchors if the nodes are out of range. Reducing the distances or adding listeners would be a solution.
  2. The listeners do not transmit during normal operation (it transmits only during firmware update over UWB).
  3. The listeners should be able to see all in-range anchors without limitation.
  4. Gateway interconnects UWB network with the Ethernet network and allows uplink/downlink of the data while listeners can only capture Tags positions from the UWB network and either print them on the console or send them over BLE to the DRTLS Android Manager.