Enabling static STS in example API

I’m trying to do UWB communication using DWM3001CDK’s initiator and responder. The APIs used are “ds_twr_initiator” and “ds_twr_responder”.

I would like to set the STS configuration for this API as “Static STS” under Nearby_Interaction. Static STS consists of 2 bytes vendor_id and 6 bytes static_sts_iv. How can I set this configuration to the API I’m currently using?

Also, could you please explain in detail the meaning of “SDC” in the STS settings?

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In short, you cannot use simple API examples to do Nearby_interaction.
The reason for that is very simple: you need some specific knowledge which you most likely do not have access to.

So, forget. Use Qorvo Uwbstack based examples (qni, qm33sdk), that is your only chance to succeed.

SDC is an abbreviation to an unknown to me STS sequence, which is proprietary to the Qorvo chip and does not change its values, so this sequence does not suffer from sync problems below:

Normal attempts to use STS would have the following issues:

  1. The IV would increase +1 on each successful tx/rx, thus DBRG STS sequence would change.

  2. To correctly sync STS generation in between Rx and Tx you need to set rules, which are the essence of a security protocols, e.g. as under big industry groups, such as FiRa, CCC, CSA.

You can create your own, unique protocol how-to rotate STS such Transmitter and Receiver would be synced. This is not trivial, better and more fruity to join FiRa.