Enabling frame filtering.

Hi ,

    I am running simple tx and rx examples on two dw1000 devices with the frame if of ranging type(data type frame).

This communication is happening successfully without frame-filtering .
But here is the issue with frame_filtering.

I tried calling frame_filtering api with value 0x08 ( only allowing data frame),(fctrl is 0x8841 on both devices), setting the PANID same on both devices, dest_adddress(from transmitter) is the other device(receiver) short_address . In this case only transmission is happening , but not the reception.

Did i missed any other configuration to make the above case work ?
or what might be the reason for the above behavior ?

Please help me.

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Madhu Raj.

Example 7b uses frame filtering, only accepting data frames - please have a look.


Zoran, I looked into the example7b , the difference i observed between 7b and my implementation is like i am not enabling ack request service im my examples.

   Do you think that it is mandatory to use ACK service in case of frame filtering ?

Thanks for replies.

No. You only need to enable auto ACK if you want to use that feature.

You should double check the frame formats you are using and addresses, PAN ID etc.

HI zoran,

  The receiver is able to receive only with the following configurations.

  Transmitter side: fctrl                   = 0x8841
                              seq num           = 0
                              PANID              = 0XDECA
                              dest_address   = 0xFFFF 
                              src_address     = 0x5254

  Receiver side:   short_address   = 0xFFFF 
                             PANID               = 0XDECA
                             Enabled frame filtering only for DATA frames.

This is working only by setting the short_address of the receiver as 0xFFFF and 0xFFFF as dest_addr in the tx frame.

But if i change the dest_address of tx frame as some 0x1234 and the short_address of receiver as 0x1234 , the reception was failed.

It has to work with any address right ?
Do i need to check/configure anything else ? like EUI ?

Got the issue, it is my mistake , not setting the short address on the dw1000 hardware (receiver).

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