Enabling BLE on DWM3000

I am trying to enable SoftDevice with the API v 4.0. We would like to be able to configure Bluetooth to work while running TWR / PDoA. I found the following post but would like to know if anyone else has a success story:

Integrating DWS3000 with nRF52840 DK with BLE stack enabled

My understanding is that I have a couple options:

  1. Work around the protected memory space while SoftDevice is enabled by either disabling memory protection or changing memory use locations.
  2. Switch from using SPIM3 to another instance or avoid using nrf_spim.c calls that will trigger errors from the MWU (Memory Watch Unit).

Either of those options don’t sound entirely ideal.

The apple nearby interaction demo does enable Bluetooth and PDoA at the same time I believe. I found that the bluetooth is used to confirm that a connection has been made between iPhone and UWB device. I am in the process of trying to dissect the API to get a better understanding of how the softdevice and UWB is enabled.

I will post updates but in the meantime can anyone provide me with helpful information?