Enable external amplifier while using PANS library?

I have the MDEK1001 kit and am seeking to extend the range by creating a custom PCB to add an external amplifier as mentioned in application note APS004 “Increasing the Range of DW1000 Using LNA” In the code changes section, it mentions changing the GPIO mode via a SPI register write and I have seen the dwt_setlnamode function in the DWS1000 source code. I would like to continue using the PANS library for my prototype, but am aware that the SPIM1 interface on the nRF MCU is already in use.

Is there any means to enable an external amplifier while using the PANS firmware?

Hi,I am now using DWM1001C module and Firmware_Image"DWM1001_PANS_R2.0.hex" it works well, so I want separate DWM1001C use NRF52832 and IC-DW1000, I want add PA and LNA,between the antenna and the DW1000
I found in “APS004_Increasing-the-Range-of-DW1000-Using-LNA_v1.6” and “APS009_Operating-the-DW1000-under-LAES-regulations_v1.4” ,when use PA and LNA,some GPIO and some Register must be use to control the DW1000
So how can I use DWM1001_PANS_R2.0-API to control it?
Thanks a lot

Peter Sun