Dwt_readdiagnosticdata DW1000 EVK1000 hardware

Hello, i have a transmission between boards with interrupt routine and driver" DW1000 Device Driver Version 04.00.06". transmission works, i succesfully send data between boards, but when i try to read diagnostic data, i receive only this(to dwt_rxdiag_t)
maxNoise 0
firstPathAmp1 0
stdNoise 0
firstPathAmp2 0
firstPathAmp3 0
maxGrowthCIR 0
rxPreamCount 122
firstPath 0

i execute dwt_readdiagnostics(&rx_diag) function in RX interrupt callback. But maxGrowthCIR is always 0, what im doing wrong? How to read this data in a right way?
ex_02c_rx_diagnostic example gives some values. But in this example i didnt find anything special in init, so does dwt_readdiagnostics need smth special in init?


Did you load the LDE ? See note #3 in notes on the bottom of the ex_02c_rx_diagnostics.

Also have a look at the DW1000 user manual section 2.5.4 on receiver defaults.

If LDE is not loaded and running, dwt_readdiagnostics will return all 0 values.


Thank You, yes i used wrong initialization. I should to use dwt_initialise(DWT_LOADUCODE) == DWT_ERROR, also in config_sleep.