DWT_PRF_16M don't work with simple example code and DW1001


I’m trying to change configuration parameters like channel and PRF.
Different channels works more or less equally, only the range is lower due to antenna design, centered on ch 5.
But when I try to change PRF to 16MHz, also working with basic example “ss_twr_init” and “ss_twr_resp”, I can’t get the two boards in communication, there are only few ss-twr that end good.
The only thing that I note is that changing in responder side the delay of the response (POLL_RX_TO_RES_TX_DLY_UUS) seem to give a slightly better results, but nothing compared when the PRF is set to 64MHz.

Datarate is always 6.8M. Also tried changing “Preamble code” from 10 to 9, without success.

Where the problem is? There are other parameters that is needed to change to work with PRF at 16MHz?

Thanks in advance.

For PRF 16MHz, you need to use different preamble codes.

See table 61 in user manual, “DW1000 supported UWB channels and recommended preamble codes”.

Thank you!

In an old document I found that preamble codes for PRF16MHz are in interval 1-9 and for PRF64MHz 10-24… I see now that is dated 2013!