DWS3000EVB + nRF52840DK Error run Decaranging_5p02.exe and DecaPDOARTLS.exe

i can´t run the DecaRanging and DecaPDOARTLS applications on my PC.

I use Windows 10 Pro 64 bit.

I want to use the ranging/localization feature oft the Qorvo DWS3000 EVB which is connected to a Nordic nRF52840DK.
One Board with the simple_rx example and another one with the simple_tx example from your website. I used J-Link and Segger Embedded Studio.
Build and Run the example is succesful, but if i start to debug, the Session get stopped by vector catch → HardFault_handler.

If i open the DecaRanging_5p02.exe and enter the COM port, i get this Error Message:

            ERROR – Cannot open a Cheetah/FTDI device or connect to EVK3000 over COM port. Do 
            you want to continue?

If i open the DecaPDOARTLS.exe, i get this Error Message:

            Cannot open/connect to COM port. Please make sure PDOA node is connected tot he PC.

And im not sure, why there are two entries in (COM & LPT) in the device manger for one board and even a third one in USB-Controller.

The Problem is probably the missing driver!? In your guides and instructions you mentioned a STM virtual COM port driver which may need to be installed.
But STM just provides driver for Windows 7 and 8. So no driver for Windows 10.
Is there a matching driver, you can provide?

Or any other idea what the problem could be?

I also tried to flash twr_demo_nRF52840.hex with J-Flash Lite. But nothing changed.

Thanks for help,


Hi @Platinumer ,

In order to use DecaRanging you need to flash twr_demo for the platform you’re using and not simple tx and rx examples.
Also connect to the USB serial port of your platform.
You will see a USB serial Device com port as below


hello,but do not see a USB serial Device com port