DWS3000 with Raspberry Pi

Hi all! I have two DWS3000 eval board connected to two Raspberry Pi. I downloaded API DWS3000_Release_v1.1 and followed instructions for Raspberry. I have been able to get the simple RX and simple TX examples to work fully. However, ranging only works with ss_twr_initiator/responder_sts example. All the other exemples given get stuck in the frames exchange somehow, with some timeout raisen. I’ve been playing with the various timeout to set around, but with no luck so far, and I’m not sure this is the way to solve the issue… Should the examples given work out of the box? Anyone with some suggestions?

Hi @anvia

What kind of translation board are you using? And what version of the RPi board?
We use Waveshare ARPI600.
All the examples were tested on a slightly different DW3000 board using the above translation board, but the digital signals like the SPI bus, IRQ line etc. are the same. I’ll test the examples on the DWS3000 this week to see if there are any issues.

Hi Alec, I didn’t have a Waveshare ARPI600, so I made myself a “translation board” with a simple stripboard. I think connections are ok, since some of the examples fully works and even ranging in one case works…
Have you tested the examples?