DWS3000 Eval Board Freezes

Hi community,

i’m using 4 DWS3000 Eval boards with Nucleo F103RB boards with the example librarys (one configured as tx_wait_resp and the other as rx_send_resp ) but keep having the same issues over and over also with the other ds_twr examples. The board freezes in the startup phase. I have to reset it many times to get them running.

Have you noticed the same issues?
What is the reason for that and what can I do to prevent it?


Also i recognized this strange behavior that it helped tilting the board to get them running. This is working for not only for one board but for every board, strange…

DWS3000 Eval boards API examples targeted NUCLEO F429 (or nRF52840), but not NUCLEO F103R…

Also, API examples are for evaluation/understanding of how-to drive DW3000 chip using driver API. Examples are for point-to-point tests (i.e. for 2 boards), but not for 4 boards. You are operating in one air-space and if you are trying to run 4 boards with Simple examples, they would not know how to do that.
Simple API examples were not supposed to run on 4 boards at all… and if you want - that is your project, so you need to design how over-the-air interaction would look like, addressing, encryption, STS, etc. All of these require a fundamental understanding of how UWB operates - and supposed to be covered by Simple API. So start from small. Read all the documentation, all Notes in the example code. User Manual.

Hey Alliv,
first of all thanks for your reply.
I know that the API is for NUCLEO F429 (or nRF52840) I ported all functions to the Nucleo F103RB and all examples are working except that it sometimes freezes in the beginning (i’m using the serial coomuncation to debug the boards). I just wanted to confirm that there is nobody that faces same issues when using the F429 Board so that I have to debug where this issue is coming from.

I also know that the examples are for point to point communcation, I already implemented a two anchor one tag communcation. With the information that I have 4 boards I wanted to let everybody know that I’m facing this issue on every board that I’m using right now - so a hardware issue should be not the problem.

Thanks in advance

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