DWS3000 Eval Board - Expand example to RLTS

Hi everyone,

i currently have 4 x dws3000 evaluation boards. i used the library for that eval board with examples to flash them. I flashed ds_twr_init to one board and ds_twr_resp to another board and this worked perfect - i can read the distance in the terminal between the initiator and the responder.

I want to implement a RTLS network with 3 anchors and 1 tag but the PANS software is only for the DWM1001.

1) is there also an example for more than one initiator to one responder?

As far as I understand if energy consumption is not a concern I have to implement TDMA which can be done by only having the anchor respond when the destination address in the initiator’s message matches that of a pre-configured address in the responder.

Right now source and destination addresses are hard coded constants in the example.
So my idea was to dynamicly change the destination address in the data frame of the initator over the runtime where as the responder will always refer to the same one tag (Source
Address and Destination Address won’t change in the data frame).

2) Is this the implementation of the super frame or is there more steps to take care of?
3) is there a minimal example for implementing TDMA or the super frame?

it would be nice to get some hints.

Thanks David

Nobody that could help?