DWS3000 Arduino Sheild DS-TWR distance value is vibrated

Hi experts:
Could you please help to explain this problem.
I placed two DWS3000 EVBs in 2 meters distance in LOS, and run API demo(ds_twr_initiator and ds_twr_responder, driver version: 06.00.07) , everything is ok, expected distance stability, the distance value vibrated beyond 2 meters:
DIST: 9.32 m
DIST: 9.37 m
DIST: 7.65 m
DIST: 11.03 m
DIST: 11.05 m
DIST: 11.04 m
DIST: 9.33 m
DIST: 12.73 m
DIST: 9.32 m
DIST: 11.08 m
The distance value is not accurate, I think antenna delay can resolve it, but I don’t know how to resolve the distance vibration.


Hi @cloudhuang ,

Did you have calibrated your evb ?
If not, you can follow this application note APS014 on https://www.decawave.com/application-notes/