DWM33120, MCU:ESP32 not Cortex M4or33, How to get library source code and rebuild?

Hi everyone,
I successfully set up my project using DWM3000 following the instructions in the link below. But now I changed the RF IC to QM33120. The original library does not support it. It doesn’t have a dwt_probe() command. This way I can’t set the compatibility layer with the correct device. Where can I get the source code of the library and rebuild it? e.g. deca_device.c. Thanks.


You’ll need an NDA. Good luck. Unless you’re looking at a high volume product you may have trouble getting anyone to pay you any attention.

Hi AndyA,
Could you please help me confirm whether it is enough to sign an NDA? I’m afraid that I spent a lot of time signing an NDA, but it still doesn’t solve my problem. Thank you.

No idea.
We have used their UWB to track cameras at movies and a number of big sporting events with audiences of millions. I’ve never managed to get any meaningful support or even acknowledgment from them.