DWM3001CDK Software Preview available

Hi, everyone!

The DWM3001CDK Software Preview is now available on the DWM3001CDK product page [Tab Documents] (thanks, @wassim ):

Is named “DWM3001CDK DK Software, Sources, Tools and Developer Guide”, here is the direct link if preferred:
DWM3001CDK DK Software, Sources, Tools and Developer Guide

Best regards!


Hi Carlos,

I unsuccessfully tried to start working with the DWM3001CDKe1.0 last week. The qorvo.com website was down for an extended period of time, and none of the links to the DK software, tools and developer guide work any more.

I’m basically dead in the water,

Can you direct me to an alternate source for the CDK documentation, as it is useless without the resources. :frowning: