DWM3001CDK single initiator, multi responder(iphone)

Hi everyone i am new in here,

i have tested successfully to dwm3001cdk board using binary file as named “DWM3001CDK-DW3_QM33_SDK_CLI-FreeRTOS_0_1_1.hex” on one board initior mode and and one board responder mode, then i have flash to 2 boards using binary file as named “DWM3001CDK-QANI-FreeRTOS_full_QNI_3_0_0.hex”. after that my iphone connectted to these boards. my devices are working succesfully. but i want to develop a door control module using dwm3001cdk. can this module scan environment to detect iphones for door lock control. is this possible. how can i find sample code or github repository. can anyone help me?

Many thanks.

You can do even more actually, for example use your phone connected to the cloud and your door lock connected to the network controlled by border routers such as Amazon Eero or to Apple pod.

But this, what you want is not exist and is called “new product development”.

Qorvo is delivering you for free great base examples as well as cheap modules for the use-cases which they decided to invest in.

You need to invest your own time, knowledge and money to develop the project which you want!

thank you for reply,

I agree with what you said. I couldn’t explain myself correctly. What I really want to ask is, is there an open source project that I can install in dwm3001 and can only scan the devices around or is there an open source project that I can take reference to? I can develop the steps and algorithm myself after listing the devices (iphone) around using uwb. I have little time because it is a school project. but since I have not used uwb before, I am looking for sample code or project that can find the surrounding iphones.

I am not aware of an open-source project like you want.
But because the MCU of DWM3001 is the nRF52833 (Nordic), you can ask for help on Nordic support forums… I would search https://infocenter.nordicsemi.com/ and also Google/Girhub are great platforms for searching for information.

Good luck to you.