DWM3001CDK ranging with iPhone without Bluetooth connection

Hi there

I am testing nearby interaction app with DWM3001CDK and iPhone.
It seems to require Bluetooth connection between DWM3001CDK and iPhone.
If Bluetooth is disconnected, they fail to measure the distance.

When measuring the distance between CDK devices, up to 150m is measured, but when measuring the distance between the iPhone and the CDK device, only about 30m is measured.

I think this is because Bluetooth paring is disconnected.

Is there any way to measure the distance even if Bluetooth connection is disconnected in nearby interaction with iPhone?


Hi @jiwoong !
Stopping UWB Two-Way Ranging is the default behavior on both sides, iOS and Qorvo devices, however, BLE is not required after starting ranging.
You can keep the UWB TWR when the BLE connection is dropped, but you have to plan how to handle timeout issues and implement it in these functions according to what you defined as the default behavior.

On the firmware side, it happens in \Src\Comm\Src\BLE\ble.c, ble_evt_handler().
I think timeout events (BLE_GATTC_EVT_TIMEOUT and BLE_GATTS_EVT_TIMEOUT) will lead to disconnection and then the BLE_GAP_EVT_DISCONNECTED will happen, there ble_evt_disconnected_handler() is called, which calls niq_stop_uwb().

On the iOS side, it happens in \NINearbyAccessorySample\QorvoDemoViewController.swift, accessoryDisconnected().
It is the BLE disconnection handler and the default action is to invalidate the NI Session related to the device disconnected.

Hope it gives you a starting point!
Kind regards!

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