DWM3001CDK Problem with stuck sensor values

I’m using Qorvo Nearby Interaction on my iPhone to measure the distance between the sensor and the iPhone. when I walk with the iPhone, sometimes the measured value is fixed. In other words, the distance between the iPhone and the sensor is obviously changing, but it keeps measuring the same value. Sometimes the problem resolves itself after a while. Has anyone else faced a similar problem? I would like to know the cause and how to deal with it.

The trick might be to make an accessory as a responder. The TWR distance is calculated on the responder side, so it might help a bit.

Thank you for your response. So, by making an accessory as a responder, I can potentially mitigate this issue. However, could you please explain in more detail how this would work? And are there any specific settings or procedures that I should follow in order to do this?

The fact is that the TWR distance is calculated on the responder. And after that, the resulted distance is sent to the initiator.
So, if the base TWR data is OK, then accessory as a responder calculates distance, instead of relaying on reception of the ranging report message from iPhone (and we do not know which algorithms or logic Apple applies in addition to raw twr).

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Look for this definition ACCESSORY_RANGING_ROLE and define it to 0 if you want to set accessory as a responder.

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alliv and wassim, thank you so much for your helpful comments!
Let me once try it and report what happens then.