DWM3001CDK not getting listed in iPhone 14 Qorvo Nearby Interaction app

I am trying to test Qorvo Nearby Interaction on DWM3001CDK. For this I have downloaded Nearby Interaction Software package from DWM3001CDK - Qorvo

I have flashed existing binary (nRF52833DK-QANI-FreeRTOS_full_QNI_3_0_0.hex) from the package as per the Qorvo_Nearby_Interaction_Quick_Start_Guide_Foreground.pdf

When I am trying to connect DWM3001CDK in iPhone app, it is not getting listed in the app (attached screenshot).

Bluethooth and camera permission is given to the app.

Trying with iPhone 14 plus (iOS 17.4)

Tried with two DWM3001CDK, facing same issues with both kits.

Please help to resolve this issue.

Hi Pratik,

Thanks for raising, this - I know that some change were done from Iphone 14 (for example no support of AoA with UWB anymore since Apple has reduced the number of antenna), but I don’t think it’s related to th issue you’ve seen here.

Qorvo will come back to you about this one.

Kind regards