DWM3001CDK Nearby Interaction - Trying to Get Ranging via USB UART

Hi, I’m working with the DWM3001CDK code from Qorvo_Nearby_Interaction_3_0_0 on Mac OS. I see that, by default, ranging information from the Qorvo module is available via the JLink connector, which I can view on my Mac using JLinkRTTViewer. However, I am trying to collect this information programmatically using Python on my Mac, using Pylink. The problem I’m having is that every time I connect to the CDK using Pylink, it crashes the application running on the CDK.

So… I’ve been trying to direct the CDK log prints to the other USB connector in UART mode, which I’d like to listen to on my Mac using a simple serial port. I have not been able to figure out how to this in the DWM3001CDK code. Can anyone offer any pointers?

Hi @tdlive4 !

The DWM3001CDK Software Preview implements a USB CDC in the CLI example, that will suit your needs.
DWM3001CDK product page [Tab Documents]:

This project has the same structure as QNI, and you can copy/replace entire code sessions with small or even no changes.
As a starting point, check the board_interface_init(), which has the USB initialisation. Inside Src/Apps/Src/ you will find the main tasks, QNI uses a rtt_reporter task to print all the info, and the UWB software preview uses a usb_reporter, you will have to include or replace (better option, I think) the rtt_reporter with usb_reporter.

Hope it works for you!
Best regards!