Dwm3001cdk japan support


I need to confirm whether whether DW3110 is supported in JAPAN, even though module supports channel 9 in product description page it was not mentioned clear, where for QM33110W, QM33120W, it is mentioned as japan supported. please confirm whether its is japan supported or not.

Thanks in Advance

Hi @shukesh ,

The DW3110 does not support the Japanese pulse shape.
To comply with Japan standard, you would need the QM33110/20.

Hi @Wassim_Qorvo ,
Thank you very much for your information.
For now, our Japanese company using DWM3001CDK, but from your information maybe it is illegal.
May I ask what is Japanese pulse shape rule? Could you give some documents or further information about this point?

Hi @lyducvuong ,

It’s this standard ARIB STD-T91 defined here:

Hi @Wassim_Qorvo ,
Thank you very much for your support.

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