DWM3001CDK Default App Update rate

Hi all i have the DWM3001CDK-DW3_QM33_SDK_CLI-FreeRTOS example open. I’m trying to find the timer/loop that changes the refresh rate of the measurement for the fira, i want to change it to around 50hz

Does anyone know where this is located or how its calculated

HI @tomo900 ,

To change refresh rate of FiRa measurement, you need first to understand some of these FiRa parameters.
Quick explanation:
Block: Duration that conatains a complete ranging sequence.
Slot: Unit of time when one message will be send or received.
Round duration slots: number of slots in a ranging round.

Anchor/ Tag can perform only one fira ranging each block.

This means, by default here blcok duration is 200 ms, then refresh rate is 5 Hz.

If you want a refresh rate of 50 Hz, you can try as following:
Block duration = 20 ms
Slots duration = 1ms
Round duration slots = 10

Hope it helps,

The parameters above can be changed through initf and respf commands.