DWM3001CDK CLI over pins?

I am looking to attach a pair (or more) DWM3001CDKs to a microcontroller (either RP2040 or ESP32). The CDK appears to communicate with serial over the USB port. These microcontrollers don’t have native USB hosts. Is there a way to send CLI commands to it over pins, like over the RPI headers?

Hi @Costas ,

What are you trying to achieve exactly ?
DWM3001CDK has already an integrated host (nRF52833). So you don’t need to plug it to any microncontrollers to send CLI commands. It should work out of the box.

I would love to simply have the CDK be plugged in and automatically run in anchor mode with a preconfigured address. Any easy way to do this?

@Costas , please take a look at this topic DWM30001CDK standalone operation without connection to USB UART - #4 by leapslabs and this will help you for your use case.

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Great. Seems like I have to recompile the entire firmware for this. Not a simple solution by any means, as I do not have the build environment setup for nRF or the knowledge.

How do I create a project with the FreeRTOS source provided? The guide has me install Connect SDK, Toolchain, and a ton of stuff into VSCode for a Zephir build, but I thought the docs say there isn’t Zephir support, only FreeRTOS?

Got it working, thanks to the link you posted. Took me a while to work around the entire firmware IDE and figure things out.

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Going back to my original question:
Can I interface/listen on the UART output over pins?

For anchors, it’s fine that they are self-contained. For the tags attached to autonomous robots, they need to listen in on their position. I have a Raspberry Pi and Arduino attached to my robot, so either could interface with it over GPIO. I want to avoid USB wires, as it is bulky and does not allow easy mounting to a custom PCB.