DWM3001CDK CLI : datas missing in output

Hello everyone,

I am working with the DWM3001CDK module through serial port (command line interface firmware). The issue is that I get the distance values ​​between the tag and the anchor but I only get that and the value of the Crystal frequency Offset (CFO_100ppm). All the other values ​​are always equal to zero. Since the module loses measurement precision depending on the angle, I would need these other values ​​in order to work around the precision problem. Can someone please help me solve this ?


Hi @Glory ,

This is expected as DWM3001CDK is not an Aoa part and cannot give the angle because it has only 1 Rf port (based on DW3110).

Hi @Wassim_Qorvo,

Thank you for your answer, I understand that.
But How come that in the developer guide, they are getting this :

Do you have an idea ?

It should be a mistake and copied from QM33120WDK1 Developer guide.
Using QM33120WDK1 (containing one Aoa and one non Aoa board), you should be able to get the angle

Thank you @Wassim_Qorvo for the explanations. I took a look at the module and the antennas would have to face each other for the duration of the measurements. But by the use I want to make of it, I will have to be able to rotate with the tag and still have the good distance values. Can you recommend a module that can do the job?

Hi @Glory ,

I recommend this kit for your use case: QM33120WDK1 - Qorvo

Hi @Wassim_Qorvo. Thank you ! Will it correctly work if I want speed measurements in any random position ?