DWM3001CDK boards reset after successive STOP/INITF/RESPF commands

Hi, I have few DWM3001CDKs that I am evaluating. I was trying to use the provided SDK https://www.qorvo.com/products/d/da008582 and noticed that the radios lock up and the boards reset if successive STOP/INITF/RESPF commands are sent. It is sort of random; it happens after 30 attempts, sometimes after 50 attempts or so. I made sure the sent commands are all correct. Any idea what might be causing this? Any help is much appreciated.

do you wait between commands? til you get the reply + a little

Thank you for your reply. I did wait between the commands. And it seems like until some number of iterations, the STOP/INITF or STOP/RESPF commands work perfectly and all replies from the radio side look good . After some iterations, some radios seem to lock up, reset the modules and take a while to come back up. In some radios this happen after 30-40 iterations, while in other radios it doesn’t surface until a few hundred iterations.