DWM3001CDK and Google Pixel 8 Pro, ranging only works one way


I’m experimenting with ranging between the DWM3001CDK, running the UCI-FreeRTOS_0_1_1 firmware and a Google Pixel 8 Pro, running Android 14. I have written a simple app that can start and stop a ranging session on the Android side, and for the module I’m using the uci_uart_fira_test.py provided on the product page. I am able to get very good results by configuring the module as the controller and the phone as a controlee, but when I reverse the roles, the ranging works only intermittently, with many timeouts. I don’t change any other config. Is there something else I need to change in the config when switching roles?

You can find the code at GitHub - sasodoma/uwb-ranging: UWB Ranging with DWM3001CDK and Pixel 8 Pro

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hm… am, trying to build a capacitor plugin for my ionic app on Android … to match the code provided by the IOS sample app. (I ported that to plugin)…

so, in your test scenario, the fira py script maintains the ble session, and your app code does just the UWB part?

I ported the estimote Android code to plugin and it works (from my Samsung Zfold5 as controller) to the estimote beacons (which use qorvo chips) (controllee)

Hi, for now I am only focusing on doing UWB ranging, no Bluetooth is implemented yet. The out-of-band communication is done by manually entering the address, both in the app and when running the python script.