DWM3001CDK analisys of CIR

Hi everyone,
I’m studying the performance of CIR by doing several experiments at different distances. I’ve only done LOS so far but I should also do NLOS. I need help estimating the delay. I show you in the figures below what I get for the CIR at 145 cm and 300 cm and in particular the highest peak that I think is related to packets/ signals received without reflection. What I suppose will happen when I do the same experiments at the same distances but in the NLOS case is that I will have the peaks moved. But what I would like to know is the delay that is observed. From here I should be able to calculate the reflections.
Can someone help me?

Thank You in advance.
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Hi Antonello,
I have been wondering how to get CIR from DWM3001CDK or DWM1001DEV for a long time. Could you offer some instructions on the process of obtaining CIR?

Hi @Antonello ,

For information about LOS/NLOS and CIR, you can first take a look at the Application Note AN006, available here: Application Notes - Qorvo. There are 3 parts.

These AN are targeting DW1000 products, but all the theory remain the same across the products. Let me know if this answers the question.