DWM3001C with Nordic nRF Connect SDK

All of the example projects (such as the “Near Field Interaction”) for the DWM3001C utilize the Nordic SDK v17.1.0.

Nordic announced in January 2023 that the Nordic SDK is now in maintenance mode, and that the recommended SDK to use is the Nordic Connect SDK.

  1. Is the DWM3001C and the associated Qorvo libraries compatible with the Nordic Connect SDK?
  2. Are there any examples available of how to use the DWM3001C in a project based on the Connect SDK?
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Were you able to get any answers or advice on this?

Unfortunately not. Both companies are trying to pin responsibility on each other.

Nordic: “It’s Qorvo’s module, they need to write a new SDK for it.”

Qorvo: “Nordic changed from bare-metal to Zephyr, it’s too much work for us to update our SDK.”

IMO it seems pretty unprofessional for two companies that made a big deal out of partnering on this module to be pointing fingers at each other and dodging responsibility. The nRF Connect SDK has been out since 2018 though, so I have to pin this one on Qorvo since they’ve known that Connect is the path forward since before they released the DWM3001C.

@carlos.silva Happy to hear your input on this.