DWM3001C pin map question


I am the user of dwm3000, dwm3001c, dwm3001cdk, qm33120wdk1.

when I use dwm3001cdk and qm33120wdk1, I can see there are two ports.

(Each for J-link and MCU)

First, of course, I uploaded firmware through j-link with pin 2,3,11,12.

But when I use dwm3001c with bare usb-A type data cable cutted.

I could see dwm3001c work properly when MCU port (pin 18,19,20,21).
Not only power connected through pin 11,12.

I mean, it also works when I put power only. but fps getting pretty slow.

Can I get any reference of this? Why is it?

Test 1. pin 11,12,18,19,20,21 connected

Test 2. pin 11,12 connected

Hi @hank1
the module is not that advance. You need to power it via VCC and GND (11 + 12) which is the main power input. The VUSB is input for the USB PHY inside of the Nordic MCU inside.