DWM3001C Module pricing and availability

I’ve been developing something with the DWM3001C module, and it has generally been straightforward despite me being generally very new to the platform. however, I would like to now start on a short production run (<100 unit) for field testing, and I find that through Mouser, my usual go-to, the DWM3001CDK has been stable in pricing, but the DWM3001C module has increased in the span of several weeks now to almost double the price of the development kit. I can sort of suspect that the devkit gets subsidized somewhat, but this sort of pricing makes it so much more competitive for me as a small independent developer to just buy the devkit and reflow the module out. however, i don’t really want to go down this route as it would generate too much trash and I don’t really need a massive pile of j-link programmers on my shelf. throwing them out would be such a waste.

anyway, does anyone else have the same issue? is there a way for me to know what the actual module price is and how to get a better or a more stable pricing considering i’m still in a proof of concept stage with a potential client and would need to be able to provide a reliable end product pricing?

thanks everyone