Dwm3001c footprint and step file


Could you please share footprint and step file for dwm3001c ?

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Hi @uranbey ,

Are you asking these files for the module or the chip ?


Hello, are you able to share the footprint for the module?

Hi @adamglynn, @uranbey

Please find attached the footprint/symbols for the DWM3001C for altium :

  • rename first the file from DWM3001C_library.txt to DWM3001C_library.zip as I can’t share directly zip file I changed the extension
  • unzip it and you’ll find both files for Altium

We don`t provide Eagle files, but hereunder the procedure to convert Altium files to Eagle files, can you please try this procedure and let me know

DWM3001C_library.txt (1.4 MB)