DWM3000EVB (was DWS3000) Arduino Shield

Hi, I am interested in using Decawave UWB modules with Arduino. I found DWS3000 Arduino Shield in Decawave’s website, but in a vendor’s site it was stated that this product will be eliminated and replaced by a new one. Could you confirm this and give advice on which product to buy in order to use UWB with arduino?
Does the recommended Arduino Shield product include any application to emulate the behavior of the EVK1000 evaluation kit? In the sense of providing an immediate way of evaluating the ranging performance. EVK1000 included the direct reading of the distance measurements in a display and the DecaRanging software to run in a PC.

You should now look for the DWM3000EVB. There was just a part name change from DWS3000 to DWM300EVB - Mouser - the is the very same Arduino shield!
We do not provide a EVK-like set of code for these shields, just simple examples.

Do you have a user manual for the DW3000 giving the register definitions available yet?
For the DW1000 we use our own driver that’s optimised for our application, it would make moving to the DW3000 a lot simpler if we could update this to the new part rather than having to modify things to use your API.

Hi Andy,
Hope to have a release next week.

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Thank you very much! It surprised me that examples are not specifically provided for Arduino. Can the shield be used with Arduino itself? Do you at least provide libraries for Arduino?

We only use the hardware interface which is a common concept with other companies

See bottom of this page for the DWM3000 UM

How do i use the DWM3000EVB with an arduino and track my apple watch 6?

DWS3000 Arduino Shield is the same board with DWM3000EVB

Hi, I am also interested in the DWM3000 Arduino Shield.

Is there an Arduino library or examples of how to use it with Arduino One, or a similar Arduino Board

Thank you

I would also like to know this. Hoping someone gives a reply soon