DWM3000EVB + nRF52840DK to run Decaranging_5p02.exe


I’m trying to run DecaRanging_5p02.exe with my DWM3000EVB mounted on the nRF52840DK in order to extract distance and Channel Impulse Response (CIR) data.

However, even though I have installed every required driver such as STM VCOM driver, Decaranging still fails to connect to my DWM3000EVB.

At first, I thought that the problem is the wrong USB port.

But no matter I plug USB port on the top or left side of the nRF52840DK, it didn’t work. When I plug it on the top of the nRF52840DK, J-LINK is scanned but Decaranging didn’t work and when I plug it on the left side of it, nothing happened.

Is there anyone who run Decaraging with DWM3000EVB? Since I’m not good at running API, I want to run Decaranging as I have used with DW1000.

Thank you.

Hi @Zadul ,

Please make sure you did this:

  • Flashed this binary “twr_demo_nRF52840” using J-Flash Lite selecting nRF52840_XXAA as device.
  • Plugged the UWB shield on top of the nordic board.
  • nRF power source is set to VDD.
  • Entering the USB serial Device COM Port.

The cable on the left side matters for communication with Decaranging.

Hope it helps,

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THANK YOU @wassim !

After I flashed binary “twr_demo_nRF52840.hex” using J-Flash Lite, it worked.

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Have the same Problem, but flashing the “twr_demo_nRF52840.hex” doesn´t fix it.
Any other suggestions?


hi wassim, how to ‘set nRF power source to VDD’? i also encounter this problem, but still do not solved. I had read the DWM3001CDKE1.0 + nRF52840DK pdf file, but can not find how to set nRF power source to VDD. thank you!

Hi @wanghw75 ,

it’s using this switch.

@wassim , thank you, i had got it and solve the problem, thanks again.

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