Dwm3000evb basic setup will pay for answers

I purchased 5 DWM3000EVB units and plan to order the necessary Arduino boards, I ordered nano but will order whatever I need. I have (very rusty) electrical engineering experience 10+ years ago and need some assistance getting my initial build stood up. Once I have a working example, I hope to become familiar with EE the workings again, enough to branch out from there on my own.

I haven’t found much online that gives me a solid direction with the parts I have, mostly bits and pieces which I’m not versed enough to piece together yet.

I’m looking to achieve a “basic” setup:

4 anchors

1 tag

With the ability to read the coordinates via usb cable from Arduino (I assume).

I’ll need help with the wiring of the EVB to the Arduino (schematic is fine) and the necessary code along with any steps to program the EVB. I may have left something out, so again, I’m looking to get a basic working location tracking system built using the evb above.

Will $200 BTC, ETH or USDC get me there?

Will gladly send a portion upfront after receiving enough information that proves to me you can complete what I am asking and send the remainder after all schematics and code is sent.

Why did I choose the 3000 over the 1000 you ask? Well, I don’t know. It’s newer and appears to have better features and improved battery life. Again, I’m diving back into the EE world and I will listen to thoughts on one component versus another.

Hi @exus-mu
the DWM3000 is a quite new and recently released and currently it is aimed for more advanced users. You will need to implement you own protocol and etc…

If you are new to RTLS then I would recommend you to start with DWM1001 (https://www.decawave.com/product/mdek1001-deployment-kit/) which have all features in and you dont need to study radio datasheets and etc. The MDEK contains also FW named PANS which is working almost out of box and it will give a nice overview what it can do.



Is it possible to combine DWM3000 and DWM1001? For instance, I’m running PANS on DWM1001 and I’am trying to use DWM3000 as a sniffer but I can’t hear any frame, however I can when I use DWM1001.

At the moment I’m mostly using the sniffer example with some modifications to match PANS frames but I feel I’m missing something.

Hi @pvgonzalez
it is possible to combine DW3000 and DW1000 but only at channel 5 - PANS is operating at channel 5 so you should be able to sniff packages.