DWM3000EVB and Nordic nRF

Is there any possibility that the DWM3000 SDK for Nordic devices (including M4 and M33 support)
will use nRF Connect SDK in the future?

Nordic has announced a move from nRF5 SDK to nRF Connect SDK:

It is also easier to port DWM3000 SDK with nRF Connect SDK (e.g. the older nRF5 SDK legacy code is
not present in nRF Connect SDK). There are several projects which have ported DWM3000 using nRF5 SDK, but they do not work with nRF Connect SDK.

Hi Carl.
There is no plan short term to distribute a new package using nRF Connect SDK.
The main issue with nRF Connect is that Nordic decided to leave the bare - metal / FreeRTOS distribution model and adopted to a Zephyr based system.
Using nRF connect will force us to move all our software examples, documentation and packaging to a Zephyr model distribution.

Hello Jean-Luc,

Thank you for the response. I understand the concern.

Is there at least the possibility of migrating to the nrfx API and removing the nRF5 SDK legacy interface code? The nrfx library should be more portable. I am concerned about being stranded when Nordic ceases support for the nRF5 SDK. It is already in maintenance mode, and certain important Bluetooth LE features are already not supported.

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Hi, it is not so hard to port the driver and examples to Zephyr. See

I think that oficial support is mandatory to deliver a product to the market.

Any update on this @JeanLucBASSO @carlos.silva? I’m surprised that there isn’t support for this yet, given that Nordic and Qorvo partnered to build the DWM3001C module.

I noticed in the DW3000 API documentation that it explicitly states that it supports Zephyr, so I’m a bit confused on the status.