DWM3000 to embedded board without MCU

Hi, I am the embedded/IoT beginner using Beagleboard ai 64.
I was wondering is there any way to get raw data from dwm1000/dwm3000 with using adaptor board only? I used arduino board at the beginning and it worked, but since arduino is not suitable for my project, changed it to the Beagleboard which is similar to Raspberry Pi I guess.

On the adaptor board, I could see IRQ/MISO/MOSI/RST are needed for run.

  • I thought spidev_test.c would receive data from the UWB module.
    But the result is 00 00 00 00 00 00 …
    (I checked loopback test working well)

what did I miss? How should I assign IRQ/RST pin to embedded board?

p.s. if mcu board needed to run DWM3000 board, I am considering buying DWM3001C. Without development kit, how do I flash and upload code through the board? through UART?

The DWM1000 and DWM3000 are dumb devices and need to be connected to some form of MCU to configure and control them. In theory any part with an SPI bus will work.
As a bare minimum MISO, MOSI and CS are needed. IRQ and RST are also handy.

You will however also need some form of device driver for your firmware in order to use the parts in any meaningful way.

The DWMx000 parts are in effect a DWx000 IC with an antenna, clock and a few other required parts added. As such any drivers or code written for a DW1000 will work with a DWM1000 so make sure you search for both when looking for drivers.

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