Dwm3000 software and api

Hey mates,
If possible can someone guide me, I have a DWM3000EVB board and want to set it up (we are developing a part of NAOrobot with Arduino and DWS3000), I have downloaded the software application from here. but I am unable to understand how to set it up, hope someone will help me, it is also ok if you have any guide website or any video.

Thank You.

Hi Onyx,

The first things you can do with the package is using the Software–>Slotted_TWR_Demo_ARM, you have a readme the folder, if you have to do something more, a precompiled binary and a project for both nordic and nucleo, depends on which board you’re using with your EVB

You have also some examples you can use to start Software–>DW3XXX_API–>Sources–>DW3XXX_API_rev9p3–>API–>Build_Platforms