DWM3000, sinple_tx.c is not working

Now, I want to run the simple_tx.c program in the example there referring to the site below.

To achieve this, I am using a DWS3000 Arduino Shield, u-blox BMD-300-EVAL(with Nordic nRF52832), and nRF Connect for VSCode.
After setting the hello_world template and board in VSCode, a hello_world program was generated and I could write it normally, but when I replaced the program and wrote it, I didn’t get the display as described in GitHub. I think that Zephyr was installed without any problems, but if anyone knows the cause, please let me know.

Try using the above, but with a Nordic PCA10056

I’m still struggling with it, but having a little success

Dear Beau
Thank you. I’ll try this.

I just tried to upload a zip, but wasn’t allowed to do so. I’m taking the approach that if I help someone, maybe someone will help me.

This is a very frustrating process, but may actually be worth the effort. Let me kmow how I could get a zip of the project working under NRF Connect to you.

I understood. If I can run examples using nRF Connect in VSCode, I would like to teach you how to do it.