DWM3000 ranging doesn't work

Having tried with a different post which got no response from Qorvo… trying once more to see if Qorvo support exists.

See Google Issue Tracker
This is with both the DWM3000EVB and Estimote UWB beacons.
Qorvo created the Android driver, so someone at Qorvo must know what is going wrong…

Is there a way you could send me the file I need it urgently for a project we are working on DWM3000-EVB with Arduino Uno


No idea what file you are talking about and no we never used an Arduino. We used the nRF52840.
All the Qorvo samples are available as downloads for the DWM3000EVB, so I would check there…
Not that you will get any response from Qorvo support on this forum of course!

Could you tell me about which antenna you used in DWM1000 and the radiation pattern of DWM1000

Prabhat Yadav

  1. No one in this thread mentioned the DWM1000.

  2. The DWM1000 contains a built in antenna. The radiation pattern for it is in the datasheet. The radiation pattern for the DWM3000 is also in the relevant datasheet.

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