DWM3000 only work with Nordic nRF52-series?

Hi, I am trying to find out the way to use DWM3000 with the other MCU than Nordic nRF52-series.

I have beaglebone ai-64 which has Six Arm Cortex-R5F MCUs at up to 1.0 GHz. (BeagleBone® AI-64 - BeagleBoard)

Is it possible to use this MCU?

p.s. I found the arduino users struggle to apply DWM3000 on arduino from here.
Is there any source that it works on arduino too?
(DWM 3000 - Collaborative Group - Sensors - Arduino Forum)

Hi @hank1
you can interface the DWM3000 with any CPU you like. You just need to take care about the GPIO logic levels. Some MCUs are 1.8V some 3.3V and you cannot mix them easily (you need to use level shifters).