DWM3000 documentations

Hello dear Decawave,
We’re going to purchase a pilot batch of 200 items of DWM3000 by RFMW distributor. We would be happy if you could share the documentation:

  1. DWM3000 Datasheet
  2. DW30XX Datasheet
  3. DW30XX Device Errata
  4. DW30XX Application notes
  5. DW30XX example code
  6. Access to DWM3000 driver on github (https://github.com/Decawave/uwb-dw3000)

Who could be a contact person on the subject?

Thank you beforehand


We also purchase DWM3000 by RFMW and very waiting for documentation/errata, and, of course, dw3000 driver with examples in mynewt port (https://github.com/Decawave/uwb-dw3000)

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That’s a very hot topic for real!

Me and my scientific team have big plans for research based on dwm3000 module!
Currently we are using basic dmw1001, but it is insecure and a new 802.15.4z-2020 standartarized dwm3000 with crypto-support pretends to be very yammy for us! :slightly_smiling_face:

Single small module with PDOA is also very interesting, how much can we get from it? Can’t wait to feel the power!

There also are some NXP-based solution, but it looks like much harder to start over again with unfamiliar environement (examples, modules, software, forum, etc.).

Could you please say if there is any support for dwm3000 and dws3000 (arduino shield)? Documentation and code examples are very desirable

Best regards and waiting for updates,