DWM3000 capabilities (interoperation with Apple U1 chip)

Hi All,
I am really concerned about the capability of paring between DWM3000 Family and Apple U1 chip.

My company has already worked for long time with DWM1001, as we have used it as a tag/anchor to implement a full indoor navigation system in several museums.

We were thinking to upgrade to DWM3000, but before doing so we wonder if we will be able to build a full indoor navigation system.

I mean based on “explore nearby third party accessories” api documentation, we able to retrieve distances and directions, but there nothing mentioned about location(x,y,z) in space, and how we can connect to UWB network of several anchors to get precise localization data.

I went through all the provided chips by Qorvo, could not found much information about such topic, but what really attracted me is the opening sentence “Qorvo UWB solutions enable developers to evaluate new user experiences based on location, distance and direction.”

We are urgently seeking your support as it will help much with taking critical decisions.

Thanks in advance

Apple Nearby Interaction protocol is designed for 1:1 connections, it is for building of a new “user interaction experience” in-between objects, but not for what you want.

For RTLS - see the “Partners” section of this website.