DWM1004C TDOA only accepted channels are 2 and 5

Hello I’m making a setup of a TDoA RTLS Systems, we are using the DWM1004 Module for tags with the latest version of the TDOA Firmware for DWM1004C, the problem that we have is that is not possible to set a different channel of 2 or 5, we want to use the channel 1, we get the legend “error function” when we try to set it:

  • Is this a bug or a restriction for some reason?
  • There is any way to solve it easily?
    *I understand the antenna of the DWM1004C is capable to cover the full bandwidth range of DW UWB, there is needed to calibrate something in the OTP Memory for the channels 1 3 4 6?
    *See attached picture of the a terminal app trying to set different cannels in the DWM1004C

“Device”:“DWM1004C TDoA Tag”,
“Build”:“Dec 19 2019 15:05:35”,
“Driver”:“DW1000 Device Driver Version 05.01.01”}}

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This is not a restriction of the hardware. I’m not sure what software you’re using , but it is most likely that the sw only supports ch2 and ch5, the two most common channels.
To use any of the other channels, like 1, 4 or 7, one should write the code supporting the channel themselves
You could maybe take one of our TX/RX examples and modify it for any other channel (than 5). You should also check the DW1000 User manual as there registers and value settings depending on the used channel.


That’s correct.
The current FW supports only channel 2 and 5.
The source code is available from here DWM1004C Module - Decawave
See DWM1004C Source Code and Firmware Image.
So basically you can modify the code to match your requirements.