DWM1004C - Keep GPIO high in sleep

Hello everyone,

I’m currently developing on a custom board with a DWM1004C which works quiet great.
I control some of the GPIO as OUTPUT ( GPIO0 and GPIO1).

The OUTPUT goes to low when the DW1000 goes to sleep, there is anyway to keep the GPIO High when the dw1000 is sleeping ?

My sleep Configuration is for now:


The auto sleep after TX is activated.

Thank you all,
Denis Thomas

Hi Denis,

The DW1000’s GPIOs are going low during sleep, there are no ways to keep them high as far as I know.
MCU’s GPIOs can do it of course, they are more flexible.


I already use all the GPIO of the STM32 inside the module unfortunately.
I will adapt my code/design in consequence.
Thanks for your help.