DWM1004C Comunication

Hello everyone, I’m starting an application for TDoA tech with DECAWAVE actually I did the app with MDEK1001 Development Kit I followed the instructions and all works very well.

Now I’m trying to increase the application and I want add the chip DWM1004, just the chip without DevBoard or TranslationBoard that Decawave mentioned on “DWM1004C_TDoA_Tag_Quick_Start_Guide.pdf” page 5.

So I mounted the chip DWM1004C on a protoboard and I’m traying turning on but I can’t, I used serial communication with a USB/TTL converter and pins 26 and 27 as his datasheet says and nothing, and also I used SPI configuration looking the datasheet of his micro-controller STM32I041G6 that says

Pines: ------- SPI ---------- STM32I041G6 name pin --------- DWM1004C chip

  •     NSS ------>      PA4       --------->   31
  •     MISO ----->      PB4      ---------->   21
  •     MOSI ----->      PB5      ---------->   22
  •     SCK ------>      PB3      ---------->   20


I have to connect DWM1004C pines: 1,2,14,15,24,24,38 -------> GND
DWM1004C pines: 3,4,5,16 ---------> 3.3V
DWM1004C pines: 7,8 ------> 5K Pull Up RES --------->3.3V (as datasheet STM32I041G6 says)

I don’t know what I need to do, because I’m developing my own tag, and get in prove whit the system that it’s running with MDEK1001 Development Kit help, please!

Which USB to TTL are you using? Because TTL is actually 5V, so if it is really TTL, you might be burning your module…

Other than that, I do not think you need to connect pins 2 and 15, as they are reserved pins